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Topic: Omnisphere & Trilian problem

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    Omnisphere & Trilian problem

    I had to reinstall Omnisphere and Trilian after Windows 7 needed reinstalling. Ive udated both to the latest versions and authorised both. I can open soundsources from trillian in Omnisphere and I can open VIP patches. but In Omnisphere their is no Trillian patches in the patch browser or Multi browser.

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    Re: Omnisphere & Trilian problem

    Spectrasonics Support sorted it. It was my stupid Windows 7 ever since the reinstalation or maybe it was the Windows updates all my software has been starting in none administrator mode even though I login as administrator. Right clicking my DAW start icon and telling it to start in administrator mode allowed Omnisphere to open Trilian patches.

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