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Topic: Real Giga Drums

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    Real Giga Drums

    I bought this 3 CD library recently. Has anyone else found that it causes problems?

    The concept is great - you can load dry, overhead and room miked versions of the same kit then mix them to get the ambience you want. Only trouble is, whenever I try to load more than one kit I get the \"blue screen of death\" and error messages all over the place.

    I have no problems with other libraries - just this one. I\'ve got 512M RAM, PIII 700, 2 x IBM deskstar 30 Gb drives, Asus CUBX-e mobo and everything properly tuned up.

    If the gentlemen from Best Service or Bitbeats would like to comment I\'d be happy to hear it.


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    Re: Real Giga Drums


    I haven\'t had a prob with ths one with Crashes. Is it on playback you get crashes or juat loading?

    The only two probs I\'ve run into is that the High hats soudn like Garbage with the \"key grouping\" low velocities just sound lame if struck after a higher velocity.

    I also got YT Pure drums, and while some of those kists are really cool, I like the flexibilty the Real GDrums allow. In fact with both YT (big toms patch) and RGD mixed kits I get an AWESOME drums sound....it may not be natural but MAN Some grooves with Different pitches and mixed u Rooms...WOW!!....\'cept I\'m actually wishing iga didn\'t ahve a 160 note poly limit.....FOR DRUMS!!!!!...This is the first true sign that I\'m getting spoiled......actually I don\'t even think its a sign anymore...its an announcement over a Bullhorn

    Really...I am an Idiot

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