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Topic: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

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    Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    SR5 Rock Bass is now shipping!

    Prominy is proud to announce;

    SR5 Rock Bass

    video demos


    *** Special Introductory Price ***
    MSRP $149.00 >> $99.00 (33 % OFF)

    *** Special Introductory Price for Prominy users ***
    (availble at Prominy online store)
    If you are already a Prominy product user, you get a bigger discount!
    MSRP $149.00 >> $89.00 (40 % OFF)

    *** SC Electric Guitar and SR5 Rock Bass Special Bundle ***
    You get the true sound of Fender Stratocastrer and MUSICMAN StingRay5 at
    MSRP $548.00 >> $383.60 (30 % OFF - save $164.40!)

    ========= SR5 Rock Bass =========
    The true sound of MUSICMAN StingRay5 includes over 15 Giga-bytes*, approx. 14,000 samples.

    SR5 Rock Bass enables you to compose and create natural guitar tracks that imitate real bass guitar playing!

    Main Features:
    - Incredible real-time playability - SR5 SPM (Super Performance Multi)
    - Fretboard Monitor
    - Auto Stroke Detection
    - Realtime Legato Slide
    - Assignable Key Switch
    - The lower note samples (low B - low D#) are included.
    - Direct signals from the bass guitar
    - Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string.
    - Picking noises are recorded on all frets and strings.
    - The world's most powerful and largest library of a single bass guitar!

    For more information;

    Special Offer (available through 31/August/2010)
    Special Prices on all products at Prominy online store

    SC Electric Guitar
    MSRP $399.00 >> $319.20 (20 % OFF)

    Cross-grade for registered LPC users: MSRP $399.00 >> $299.25 (25 % OFF)

    LPC Electric Distortion & Clean Guitar
    MSRP $599.00 >> $449.25 (25 % OFF)

    LPC Electric Clean Guitar
    MSRP $349.00 >> $261.75 (25 % OFF)

    LPC Electric Distortion Guitar
    MSRP $349.00 >> $261.75 (25 % OFF)

    LPC Electric Clean Guitar LE
    MSRP $169.00 >> $135.20 (20 % OFF)

    MSRP $199.00 >> $149.25 (25 % OFF)

    For detail, please go to;
    Prominy online store

    Don't miss the special offer!

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    MIDI files for the video demos are available here.

    They exactly shows what's going on the videos.

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    Guy Allison (composer / producer / musician - Doobie Brothers, Air Supply, Moody blues, etc.) has joined the Artist section on our website!

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    Hozo Okazaki just posted a new audio demo using SR5 Bock Bass!

    Edge of Darkness

    Edge of Darkness (bass & drum only)

    He has created a cool rhythm section with SR5 Rock Bass and his drumming!
    (Actually he is a skilled drummer and he played the drum on the demo.)

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    Yaaahhh, absolutely cool sound and great demos
    Can't wait until August to receive my copy.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    Special preorder offer expires tomorrow. Don't miss it!

    We started shipping preorders today. SR5 Rock Bass will arrive at your doorstep very soon!

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    To SR5 users,
    MIDI files including AmpegSVX presets for the video demos has been posted to the registered users section on our website. To download, please register your SR5 at;

    and an e-mail including your ID /password will be sent to you.

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    The special offer is extended as a 'Special Introductory price'. (available through 31/August/2010). You can purchase SR5 / SC&SR5 Special bundle at;

    (for those who live in Europe)

    (for those who live in the US)

    (the rest of the world)

    and more;

    Most of the distributors/ dealers above (and we) ship internationally. Please contact them for more details.

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    Re: Prominy SR5 Rock Bass - video demos and special offer

    Hi, I have a question - since I am really into metal music stuff I find the repetition articulation really great, but ... it seems to me it is made only for using live because if I atempt to use it in scoring ( which I would really like to do ) all my bass scores will have to be re-edited beacause of the way the repetitions work - press + release = 2 repetitions. Is there a way to make it still do the repetition articulation but to be used only when pressing down the key ?

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