I am currently in the market to purchase a new keyboard controller and would love some recommendations.
I am primarily a composer for film/tv and use lots of samples. I have a 88-key digital piano that works great for piano/organ parts, but need something better for everything else.

Looking for a 49/61-key unit with:
-Velocity sensitive keys
-Transport controls
-sliders and knobs (assignable)
-Volume/expression and sustain pedal inputs
-Breath controller input (optional)
-Display (preferable)
-Mod and pitch-bend
-Drum Pads (optional)

I tried the Novation SL mk2: loved the hardware, hated Automap. Returned the unit.

I don't want the Axiom Pro, as the I don't like the feel of keys or the sliders/knobs.

The Akai controllers seem more for people doing techno/beats, but I'm open if any score composers suggest them.

I like the Oxygen v.3 series, but there is no Aftertouch. Seems like this is a good thing to have.

The CME Uf series sound great, but I haven't been able to find any store that has one setup to demo and I don't want to pay a restocking fee for something I need to return because I don't like it.

I'm hoping there might be some that I missed and people can enlighten me.