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Topic: Panda

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    "Panda" is a children's book written by Roni Kirzl and illustrated by Kathryn Gardner.
    Panda wakes up at the zoo to commotion in the elephants area. Her mother explains that a new elephant relative has arrived. Panda searches the zoo for relatives of her own, encountering (in sequence) a monkey, a zebra, and a penguin, who join her on her search. Panda is disappointed that she can find no relatives, but her new friends assure her that real friends are just like family.
    I used the following instruments for the animals: Elephant - trumpet; Panda - French Horn; Monkey - chattering strings; Zebra - woodblock & trumpet; Penguin - piccolo &
    flute; Frog - bassoon.



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    Re: Panda

    Hi Jeff,

    What a lovely collaboration!

    The story is sweet and your daughter's illustrations are great!

    And to compliment it all is your lovely music!

    Now this really cries out for an animated movie!
    Children would love it!

    Well done!


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    Re: Panda

    Animated movie, +1. Great music, great book. Congratulations with a daughter like her.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Panda

    Nice job Jeff. I think kids will totally relate to this music. I must confess I haven't downloaded the book but I trust it enhances the book quite nicely.

    It really does sound like a track to a cartoon or maybe even an audio book.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Panda

    Thank you all very much.
    I'll pass on your kind words to Katie.

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