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Topic: Aria Player Ambience guide ?

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    Unhappy Aria Player Ambience guide ?

    Hi all .. I really need some help in setting up my Aria player. I cannot find any "help" information on the Aria player and the VST Instruments setup box screen. I'm usng Finale 2010 and GPO 4 (both with latest updates). I have no problem loading the instruments and fiddling with all the knobs and sliders and usually ending up with a nice sound .... but I am just GUESSING what I am doing. Could some kind soul please help me to correctly set up the VST Instuments Box (or point me in the right direction). Especially: the difference between the individual FX and the Master FX - is it either one or the other ? What is the "bypass" button and when should it be used ? What is the "clip" button and why is it sometimes RED ? I would appreciate any help.

    Many thanks ..... JEREMY

    Windows Vista Home Premium; Finale 2010b; GPO 4;Ceative Audigy 2ZX soundcard.

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    Re: Aria Player Ambience guide ?

    Hi Jeremy,

    As of GPO4.02 all of the documentation should be installed with the Aria player in C:/Program Files/Garritan. You should have at least two PDFs there walking you through the controls of GPO.

    To control Ambience within the GPO plugin, move the Send knob on each instrument. On the Ambience controls panel, moving the Level knob will give the most immediate and noticeable effect on the amount of total reverb.

    As for the effects mixing in Finale:
    A clip button turning red means that the sound is too loud and has overloaded the audio channel. If it is only briefly too loud you may not notice it, but if it is too loud for sustained periods of time then it will sound distorted and crappy. The solution is to back down on the volume, either at the fader in Finale or the ones in GPO.

    A bypass button lifts the instrument or effect out of the signal chain, just like pushing the button on a guitar pedal will turn its effect (or added contribution to the sound) on or off. It is useful to turn off effects when you are trying to diagnose why something doesn't sound just right and want to check the source.

    Individual effects will apply themselves to solely the instrument or channel to which they are assigned (eg. only the violin). The Master FX area will affect the entire summed signal. It is good for final compression, EQ, or a small touch of additional reverb to blend everything together.

    Hope this helps,


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    Smile Re: Aria Player Ambience guide ?

    Hi Reegs,
    Thanks for your speedy reply. You have helped me understand more about the relationship of the various sections of the Aria Player. I have now looked through the Aria GPO 4.02 pdf.s and discovered a bit more to help me. However, although my understanding of the "hows" are getting better, I really don't understand "why" I am doing/adjusting a control. For instance: Are there instructions for a very basic setup i.e. just the default setting when the instruments are loaded - then a few tips on how to tweak the sound ? Obviously there are endless options, but if there were Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced instructions with Aria Player it would help greatly. This is my 5th Finale upgrade and I am barely scratching the surface of it's capabilities. There seems to be too many controls and sometimes doubling up of options/methods. I'm one who needs step by step guides as I am technically challenged.

    Any help from anyone very gratefully accepted, as always.


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    Re: Aria Player Ambience guide ?

    Hi, Jeremy - I'm only now seeing your thread. I hope you've gotten on past where you were when you last posted. But based on what I see in your last post, my advice is that you're worrying things too much - you're being timid with things when you need to charge in and make your mistakes, since mistakes are the best teachers.

    "...For instance: Are there instructions for a very basic setup i.e. just the default setting when the instruments are loaded - then a few tips on how to tweak the sound..."

    Yes, here are the instructions for a very basic set up. Load an ensemble with the upper left hand corner control - that's on the latest version of Aria, and I think you have that - Load a string quartet, a brass quintet--anything you fancy, and there you go. The instruments are ready to go. For now don't worry about "tweaking the sound." You've heard the demos on the Garritan site--? many of those were recorded with GPO "straight out of the box." Tweaking can get you into nice subtle things later on, but it's not a necessity to tweak sounds - these are already very well programmed, ready to play.

    You asked about the Ambience reverb. That's easy - I think you understand now - just go to the effects page and choose the room size you want. In the mixer, turn the send knobs on each track until you like the amount of reverb you're hearing.

    How are you doing?

    Randy B.

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