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Topic: Remembering Megan

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    Remembering Megan

    Hi all, I was just writing some music remembering an old girlfriend of mine, and I wanted to get your opinions on it. I'm not done with it, this is sort of the introduction, but any constructive criticism would be appreciated. This is my first original music i've done with GPO4.

    Everything is GPO4/Aria, composed in Cubase 5 by hand.



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    Re: Remembering Megan

    I like it how it's happy and cheerful instead of sad and melancholic (the way I do these kinds of stuff usually), so it's wonderful that you let the 'good times' shine through your music (if you get the point ). I usually put the bitter disappointment and sorrow into music inspired by people I've been with.

    Composition then is finely done, I love the 'dialogue' between the instruments and the cheerfulness as I said earlier. The only thing that could be worked on is the audio editing itself, I believe it would benefit from just a bit of reverb
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    Re: Remembering Megan

    This is quite nice. You've done well with the instrumentation and dynamics. The thematic material is interesting and the harmonic progression smooth and effective. Very, very nice. May I suggest just a bit of reverb - not enough to fill in the nicely placed quiet moments, but enough to add a feeling of depth.

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    Re: Remembering Megan

    Nicely done. And welcome aboard! I see this is your first post - don't be a stranger: it's a very nice forum here, and no one will take your head off...

    I hope you plan on developing this; the intro is nice, and hints of grander things to come. Post more as it fills out and grows.

    Al the best,
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: Remembering Megan

    First . . . Welcome to this forum! I see that this is your first post. As other members have already mentioned, there's a lot of support found here.

    The beginning of your work sounds great! It's a nice tribute to what appears to be fond memories of your time with Megan. Keep working on the piece and please present it here when your finished. I look forward to hearing it in its entirety.
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    Re: Remembering Megan

    Thank you all for your kind replies I appreciate it greatly! Now to figure out how to add some reverb. I'll keep working on this and update as I go. Yes, I was going for the "saddened that it had to end but glad that I got to share that time with her" feeling in the song. Thank you for your help, guys.

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    Re: Remembering Megan

    Well that was certainly a terrific "sort of introduction" The actual rendition could use some reverb as others have mentioned but musically it's just excellent as far as I'm concerned. If I had to find something to constructively criticize it would be that the glockenspiel is a bit loud in the mix and would probably become more powerful overall by resting at the climax (where it isn't really necessary) but even that's just a nitpick. Looking forward to more.

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    Re: Remembering Megan

    Very nice little piece!
    It's got a very solid rhythm.
    The oboe and flute parts are my favourite.
    I love pieces where woodwinds are dubbed by glockenspiels or celestas.

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