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Topic: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

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    LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi) -- Video

    Hi Guys,

    This is a free update that is forthcoming. We posted the Auto Arranger (AA) Teaser video to give you an idea of what to expect in the next few days.

    Auto Arranger Teaser Video

    This video teaser gives you an introduction to the Auto Arranger — a feature exclusive to LA Scoring Strings that allows you to play chords and polyphonic lines and phrases… all the while splitting your chords into divisi sections or different instruments sections (if you prefer) and maintaining an accurate player count… as opposed to having the typical cumulative player count on chords as with other stringed sample libraries. This can be a huge time-saver as well as a VERY inspirational composing tool. Listen to how easily Auto Arranger tracks the voices and splits them into divisi parts while retaining all the legato/portamento/glissando articulations.

    In this demo... all the divisi sections were on 1 midi channel to demonstrate what can be achieved in real-time on 1 midi track.

    In the spirit of a Living Library, this is a free update for all LASS owners. It's actually part of the LASS ver 1.5 update (due out in downloadable form in the next few days -- We'll announce it).

    We're working on the manual.. which will be very important for this update. While the AA is easy to play and use, there are a couple of "rules" you have to follow.... and once you wrap your head around how it works (usually in about 5 minutes) it becomes quite intuitive. Now it almost seems archaic to go back to the old one-line-at-a-time writing... but I have to remind myself that even single line writing has it's place... and the good news is you can switch ON/OFF the AA with the flip of a CC30.

    To give you a BASIC overview, there are 2 modes of playing:

    Pedal Down:
    Allows you to play chords and lines and phrases and sustains the notes and glues the phrases together for you... but do not play note sequences in a "legato" (overlapping notes) fashion... it's actually the release of notes that tell the AA what notes are going where. So... if you play lines with a little space between the notes, it will behave as on the video.

    Pedal Up:
    This allows you to keep adding lines while maintaining the correct player count and it will not sustain the notes.

    A few notes about the video, although we had all the divisis of each instrument on the same MIDI channel (for demonstration purposes), I'd still have my template with each divisi on it's own midi channel and simply record-enable all the tracks an play. This way you can also bypass AA and use LASS as you have been... best of both worlds.

    Gabor Valasek (who wrote the script exclusively for audiobro) put a lot of time and thought into this script and it does a lot of things behind the scenes. Quite frankly, sometimes it just feels like magic to me. Especially when I know as a scripter myself how difficult it is to achieve something like this.

    So, we're excited to see how users will use this tool, and since it is so programmable, we're pretty sure people will find ways to use this we never even thought of.

    And... we're working feverishly on the manual and final touches to the update (like lots of Multis for the users to choose from) and we'll post the download link in the audiobro official download area when its ready... just a few days still.

    Thanks... and I hope you'll like it.


    Andrew K

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    Looking forward to this - sounds great! Gonna save a huge amount of time..


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    Smile Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    incredible demonstration......music poured out..like a /Music Fountain...

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    this is what the music world has been waiting for. amazing.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)


    Andrew, can you share your Altiverb settings for that video, including the mic setup? The realism is just killer.

    - Kerry
    Mr. Kerry Muzzey

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    Amazing is right. Gabor obviously did a wonderful job on the script,..... and Andrew... your playing and presentation don't require any apologies. Do hope that throat problem clears up soon though.

    I was just thinking that it still surprises me sometimes when a company releases a great product in the beginning, then actually continues to make it even better as time goes by. Too many 'not so great' products are available these days and, once released, often little is done to improve them, or the wait is a long one. It's been obvious to me from the beginning that LASS was and is a labor of love, and I'm so pleased to see that it also continues to evolve. I, for one, am extremely happy that I invested in LASS, and my thanks Andrew to you and your small team for an "amazing" addition to an already excellent program. Looking forward to trying the new features, watching the videos and, as usual, working with LASS. Cheers..........frank
    Cubase 7.0.3, Wavelab 7.1, Omnisphere, Trilian, Stylus RMX, Symphobia 1 & 2 , all Spitfire libraries, LASS 2, Requiem Pro, Voxos, Superior Drummer 2, Komplete 8, Cinematic Guitars, most EW libraries, Chris Hein Horns, Guitar & Bass, 2.8 GHz Mac Pro, 18 GB RAM, OS 10.6.8, RME Multiface II + HDSP PCIe

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    Quote Originally Posted by composernyc View Post

    Andrew, can you share your Altiverb settings for that video, including the mic setup? The realism is just killer.

    - Kerry
    Pretty sure Andrew uses Lexicon.

    EDIT: I was wrong.

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    Quote Originally Posted by composernyc View Post

    Andrew, can you share your Altiverb settings for that video, including the mic setup? The realism is just killer.

    - Kerry
    Sure... Actually on this demo I used mainly Altiverb. Typically I am a lexicon guy, but as I've been getting more into Altriverb, I'm turning down my Lexicon sends more and more.... now there is just a "hint" of Lexicon... probably inaudible... but more of a psychological security blanket more than anything else LOL.

    Ok... so, for the Altiverb settings, I'm using 2 verbs: Todd AO (I think the 11 meter stereo) and the Disney Hall. I use them as FX sends inside Nuendo so the Altiverb direct signal button is set to OFF.

    When I step back into my studio I'll read off the exact settings, but this should get you started.


    Todd AO St. to St. mics at 10m70
    Disney Hall, Stereo to Stereo at 14m10.


    I noticed the Todd AO reverb is more pronounced with less amount of send (the IR normalized?) than the Disney Hall IR, so I have less send to Todd AO, (around -6db? and around -2 dB? of Disney Hall).

    I hope this helps.


    Andrew K

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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)

    thanks for the video. Very impressive. My question is this: So lets say I'm writing in my sequencer and I choose 13 note harmony (egat but it's there ). How would my score editor output that? Would the midi data translate in the DAW?


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    Re: LASS Auto Arranger (auto divisi)


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