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Topic: Moving to a new PC

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    Moving to a new PC

    I know this has been discussed numerous times, but I can't find the threads.

    I'm going to get a bigger, better, faster PC in a couple weeks. Do I have to download my Garritan products again, or is there an install process that can use libraries copied from my old PC? (I know I can't just copy them.)

    I believe I heard that the Garritan licenses are good for multiple PCs (4?), but there's no reason I don't want to waste a count for a PC that's not going to run any Garritan products. Is there some way to unregister a PC?

    BTW, I've got GPO4 and CoMB2 if that matters.


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    Re: Moving to a new PC

    Answer to first question:

    no need to re-download the GPO4 stuff. If you'd saved the original download (that transition from KP2 to KP4) then you can re-install it. See this picture, I used those older downloads to fill up my new PC/Harddrive with the samples.

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    Re: Moving to a new PC

    I had very limited disk space when I downloaded GPO4 so I know I didn't keep it on my hard drive. Unless I burned a CD of the downloaded file somewhere I guess I'll have to do the download again.


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    Re: Moving to a new PC

    Hi Pat. I asked about the second question (un-registering a license) you have, and we will have to ask the guys at Plogue about it. Best to e-mail it to support@garritan.com to that it falls into the right hands, and tech support can correspond directly with you.

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