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Topic: Voice Of Passion

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    Voice Of Passion


    With the 50% off deal going on I was evaluating that offering, but the video demo seems to show a mix bag of really nice vocal sample that can also sound quite synthy at times... So I was wondering if anybody could share their experience with that product and how useful it is. I already own a few libraries of that kind from Tonehammer, but what I like here with that library is that it seems to have a better structure in term of keyswitching and tonality... maybe easier/faster to use.


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    Re: Voice Of Passion

    I bought VOP a few years ago (at a much higher price than now), have been very happy with it, and have used it in a few compositions. It is a specialty-type library, and all the phrases and words are basically set, but much can be done by breaking the phrases into segments, using the mod wheel and matching the tempo of your piece to the tempo of the singer's phrase. It's also much less esoteric than some of the Tonehammer libraries, but much depends on what type of music you are creating and what you plan to do with it. Some folks have mentioned that they were concerned about the same phrase or whatever turning up in other compositions by other composers as well, and while that may be true, I'm not sure that anyone has really found it to be a major problem. Anyway, first listen carefully to the demos and learn as much as you can, then compare that to what you wish to do in order to determine if "Voices of Passion" is right for you.

    By the way, one more point. I much prefer the keyswitches and ease of use that Play offers with VOP than some of the other awkward scripting used in some other vocal libraries. Others may disagree of course, as scripting can provide more opportunities for control sometimes (a good thing)

    I'm quite happy with VOP...and even have a favourite singer. Hopefully, if you buy it, you will find one as well .......................frank
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    Re: Voice Of Passion

    Thanks Frank, very helpful... I also agree with you about the keyswitching, more straight forward and predictable to use.....

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    Re: Voice Of Passion

    I think VOP is one of the most valuable EW libraries.
    Easy to use and offering some very different voices.
    There is no classical sounding soprano.
    I like the bulgarian voices very much.
    I used VOP quite often in my music. "Voices", the last track in my ReverbNation player (see below) uses a lot of different VOP.

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    Re: Voice Of Passion

    I jumped on a 3 pack deal a while back and got VOP, Slik and RA. I really bought VOP for the Welsh and Ameriucan singers as they have more "playable" patches that the other singers in the library. I can't see myself using too many of the Indian or Sryian phrases. While the legato samples in the welsh singer (oohs and ahs and ohs if I remember correctly) are definitely better than a non-legato library they do sound synthy at times to me. Not because of the actual samples but because emulatin a real singer, even with real legato, is a difficult if not impossible thing. I have worked on a few songs with the welsh and bulgarian singer adding some nice airy tyexture to the composition.

    Overall I'm not sure if I will get as much out of this libary as I had hoped but there is nothing else like it out there. It ain't "Lisa Gerrard in a box" but it does work well when you find the right spot for it.

    2 cents,

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