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Topic: Comb2 / GPO4 / Aria

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    Comb2 / GPO4 / Aria

    I am happy to learn that Comb2 is now available - with the Aria player. In some of my band scores, there are instruments not present in the Comb2 configuration: Alto Flute, English Horn, Contrabassoon, Vibraphone, for example. Am I correct in assuming that inasmuch as I already have Aria installed that both Comb2 and GPO4 will work with it (which is to say there is one Aria player and not two different ones)? I am using Sibelius 6, so I will need to set up another combination of sources in order to have Comb2 plus the instruments it does not seem to have.

    Any thoughts on this?


    Avrohom L

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    Re: Comb2 / GPO4 / Aria

    Yes, There is only one Aria player. GPO4 Comb2 and Steinway all use the same interface. You can easily mix any of these instruments as you please.


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