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Topic: The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

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    The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

    Here is a demo for bass tuba and string ensemble. This is a dedicated demo for bass tuba from the VSL downloads.

    The Tuba Express

    All aboard!

    Comments are appreciated!


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    Re: The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

    This is one of the best pieces I've heard from you in a while. Too bad I don't need a bass tuba for anything in the near future. I really loved the part from 2:00 on. The strings were stabbing away giving it a really nice pulse feel. Classic ending by the way.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

    Thanks keithjfuller! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I had this craving for a rhythmic pulsation at 2 min, and that's where the Tuba becomes the Tuba Express.

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    Re: The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

    Another masterly showpiece!

    This makes superb use of use all my favourite tuba articulations ... soft tongue, double tonguing, flutter tonguing and especially that most diffcult of all articulations ... the "tongue in cheek"!

    One minor constructive criticism in another otherwise perfect piece ... I feel that there needs to be more obvious "snatched breaths" inserted in the opening section and likewise perhaps nearer the end - although virtuoso players could well manage such longer phrases with a single breath and/or using circular breathing, snatched breaths are quite characterisic of tuba playing and would add to the "realism" of the piece.

    ... And a question ... I like the choice of orchestration (tuba and strings only), but the accented on the beat notes at 2:05 and 2:10 sound like they are reinforced by a trombone rather than the tuba alone .. is that how you have written it?

    Very entertaining though!

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    Re: The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

    Thanks Peter!

    I'm discovering myself doing these demos, the more you understand the various articulations of an instrument the more you can have fun writing for them.

    About the breath mark, I new someone would bring it up sooner or later, I tend to write for big lungs. In the opening, I had tried to space out some notes for breath marks but it took too much the flow away, so I preferred to leave that to the live performer, he could edit it like he wants. I'll just close my eyes to this for now.

    I listened to that section at 2:05, hm, not sure what to say here, it does remind a bit of the trombone, could be due to the rev, don't know. But the piece only has strings and tuba.

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    Re: The Tuba Express (Demo for bass tuba)

    Nice work!
    In case you don't know, the ITEA (International Tuba-Euphonium Assoc.) sponsors composition contests and publishes works for tuba and euphonium.
    This piece is at least as good as a lot of the stuff that gets published.
    The point in the other post about breathing is well taken
    Don't know if this is a standalone piece or could be developed into some sort of suite.
    Most composers don't realize what a nice blend tuba (or euphonium) and strings can be...you do.

    Jim W.

    Funny aside: I tried to abbreviate the word Association with its first three letters, an apostrophe, and an n, but the forum forbade it
    Jim Williams
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    Indianapolis Brass Choir
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