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Topic: England World Cup Song and VIDEO feat.GPO

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    England World Cup Song and VIDEO feat.GPO

    Here's my contribution to 2010 England world cup campaign (soon to be over?)....


    Piano and strings are all GPO/ARia. The rest speaks for itself........watch in 480p if you want to avoid the worst of the horrible audio compression artefacts....female vocals from my 5yr old daughter.....

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    Re: England World Cup Song and VIDEO feat.GPO

    It seems like you had a lot of FUN creating this video! I think it's safe to say that you are a soccer (football) fan!! LOL!

    I appreciate the passion. . . most certainly had fun listening and watching your video! It was also heartening to read that you added your 5 year old daughter to the creative process. She sounded very cute! I'm sure she had a lot of fun working with her father!

    Don't know who won the World Cup. I don't follow sports much (although I do like soccer and appreciate the skill involved with this particular sport). But I thoroughly enjoyed your video! LOL!

    Cheers. . .
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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