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Topic: GarageBand + GPO = No sound?

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    GarageBand + GPO = No sound?

    Ok, so I've been able to load the GPO sounds into GarageBand by loading the Aria Player into it. The problem is that when I use a midi keyboard to play the sounds, no sound comes out. The keyboard is sending midi data to my computer, and the computer is getting it, because if I hit record and record me playing around some it does pick up notes. If I play back that recorded segment, it does play it back in the GPO sound that I loaded. The problem is that there is no sound as I'm playing the phrase so I can't hear what I'm doing, making accurate recording difficult if not impossible.

    I'm rather new to live recording and editing programs and using GPO in them, so bear with me if I'm doing something blatantly wrong or don't understand what you're saying. I'm much more used to navigating Finale and using GPO there. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: GarageBand + GPO = No sound?

    Hi Nokareon,

    It sounds to me like the issue is with your input monitoring. I've never used garage band, but digital audio workstations have a feature where you can choose weather or not to hear what you play as you record. It's usually called something along the lines of "input echo" or "input monitoring during record/playback". The documentation for Garage Band should tell you how to turn this on for your desired channels (i.e. the stereo track that the GPO plugin outputs audio to).

    Hope this helps.

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