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Topic: What makes a good quality Classical Recording/Mix?

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    What makes a good quality Classical Recording/Mix?

    Hey guys,

    I am Claire Stamp a student from Huddersfield University in England, studying BA(Hons) Popular Music Production. I am in my final year and for my dissertation am looking at 5.1 classical production and the use of spot mics and to what extent (if at all) they can enhance the mix. As part of my project I need to carry out extensive research in classical production techniques; looking at microphone techniques, mixing techniques, and what is thought to make a quality classical recording/mix?
    I will be recording a string quartet in 5.1 surround sound, in St. Pauls church on the Uni campus.

    If possible would you be able to answer a couple of questions for me (listed below). Your opinion would be valuable towards my project and would be much appreciated.

    1. What makes a good quality classical recording?

    2. What considerations need to be thought about when using spot mics?

    3. Are there any rules regarding distance (especially for ambient mics in a 5.1 mix), mic selection etc that you following when recording a classical ensemble?

    4. Are there any rules which you follow when mixing? e.g regarding panning?

    5. Are there any important factors/theories which you think may help me with my project?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards

    Claire Stamp

    emai: u0561215@hud.ac.uk

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    Re: What makes a good quality Classical Recording/Mix?

    Principles of Orchestration isn't monitored by very many people - you might get a better response in the General Discussion area.

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    Re: What makes a good quality Classical Recording/Mix?

    just like pop music, engineers have a tendency to mix the soloist a little too loud imo.

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    Re: What makes a good quality Classical Recording/Mix?

    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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