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Topic: Can Omnisphere do Wavetable type synthesis?

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    Can Omnisphere do Wavetable type synthesis?

    I know that Omnispshere has a wave shaper button but does this allow it to cycle through waveforms like the Wavestation and PPG? Can you do an Intruder FX type of patch from the D-50? I think I'm going through a retro phase right now. I want all my 80's sounds back ;-)

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: Can Omnisphere do Wavetable type synthesis?

    i think the answer is no. waveshaper is a type of distortion. you might be able to do something similar by automating sample start, but i'm not sure if the sample start point continuously updates while a note plays or if it resets on new note on messages only. offhand the wavetable type synths i know of are NI massive, maelstrom (in reason), and reaktor.

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    Re: Can Omnisphere do Wavetable type synthesis?

    no-one of the few synthesis techniques that are not available in Omnisphere is PPG style wavetable scanning.
    You can get a sound that resembles the D-50 Digital Native Dance patch by using one of the menu waveforms and the arpeggiator. That will give you a different sound with every note the arp triggers. Set it to a fast speed and layer it with another patch.
    If you use the pipefilter with a high resonance and the ccorrect keyscaling and tune the cutoff to a western scale you can even play the menuwaveforms with a regular scale.
    I use that sometimes with random timbeshift to get a different transient on each new note that i play.

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