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Topic: Novation 61SL MKII problem

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    Novation 61SL MKII problem

    When I switch it on the blue screen lights up and says NEED MIDI O/S

    None of the keys,knobs, buttons work it did this after an automap update failed to install and the drivers and firmware are in Automap but it wont show in Automap devices as theirs no connection. It has power through the USB but no communication to my computer so I cant fix it using the computer or instalation disks or downloads. Has anyone had this happen before?
    I've searched google and found nothing. I'm still waiting for Novation support and they dont work at weekends

    Ableton Live 8 1.3
    Automap 3.4.1

    Windows 7 64bit
    Intel Core i7 3.5Ghz
    6GB Ram
    Creative X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Pro

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    Re: Novation 61SL MKII problem

    problem solved

    Novation support said thats a hardware fault so got it replaced with a new one from the shop. Thanks for reading my post

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