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Topic: Missing sound in Stylus RMX

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    Missing sound in Stylus RMX

    I cannot seem to find my snare sound for a project that is not that old. The sound in Stylus was called "143-Ask and Answer".

    Now, I've updates all the software, sound library, patches, etc. Is it possible this sound was deleted during on of the processes. Is there a way to search for this sound to ensure i am not simply missing it?

    How may I retrieve this. I need to finish a mix in order to get this to radio.

    thanks, MATT

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    Re: Missing sound in Stylus RMX

    OK, I just found out that it is in the Distorted Reality section. Funny, I looked through every category, but missed it. It was only when i used Spotlight, the web pages with the sound lists came up and there it was!

    So, Only ten seconds after posting my question....I answered it! OK....back to work!

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