Hi this may be a bit premature having just got spectrum software and there may be
easy workarounds, so I apologise if this is a dumb request.

I would like to request a subtle change to the name convention,
for the multi channel names, as they appear in the Cubase mixer.

Omnisphere A , B, C etc., gets castrated into Omnip for all channels on
a Mackie MCU six character LCD screen not a b*ll breaker just a minor visual
simplification, mabe an option for abbreviated channel names.
It would also improve the channel definition in Cbase et al. when the channel's
are colapsed in the mixer.

My main squeak is for the Mackie MUC screen as this simply reads the
1st six characters from the CBase chan. strip so the A, B, C, aspect is not visible.

This is not urgent as I can rename the CBase channel strips.
I ask it to be considered, if other changes or updates made please?
I intend to use Omni and Trilian a lot and it will save me a lot of retyping
channel strip names.

All the best guys,
getting lots of bangs for my buck.

PS tried to edit formatting so if post is unformatted sorry