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Topic: Has anyone received GigaStudio?

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    Has anyone received GigaStudio?

    Hey Gigabuddies!

    I was just curious if anyone has received their copy of GigaStudio yet? I\'m sure that Nemesys is very busy trying to get everything shipped, and I assume that they will prioritize their \"large\" customers first (music stores, prof. recording companies, etc) before shipping to individuals (you and me).

    Anyway, I\'m sure everyone\'s excited to get their hands on GigaStudio. Whoever gets it first, let us know what you think of it!


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    Re: Has anyone received GigaStudio?

    Yes, Boomer, I have received my GigaStudio160 upgrade. Please see my message on the next level up entitled GigaStudio160 Upgrade: Disgusting package.

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    Re: Has anyone received GigaStudio?

    Well hey... I don\'t think Gigastudio is that disgusting. WillisBub, have you every used a hardware sampler? Do you have anything to compare Gigastudio with?

    However... I\'ve ordered Gigastudio from Northern Sounds a month ago or so, and it\'s still not here! (I have pre-ordered it via email as a response to Northern Sounds\' bulk preorder ad email). 2 days after Gigastudio shipping was announced, I got en email from Northern Sounds telling me that I (or we- the new Gigastudio users) should receive the package within the next 3-4 days. It\'s been more than a week, I\'ve been holding on with starting a major music project just for the sake of starting it with the Gigastudio... Trying to reach NSounds over the phone the 3rd day already, and every time I\'m being transferred somewhere automatically and then get disconnected. What is going on? Does anyone else who ordered Gigasampler through Northern Sounds experience the same thing, and can Northern Sounds explain where they are in the shipping process?

    ... Many days have passed since I\'ve posted the above. Got my GStudio and very happy with it. - Alex

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