Hullo, how is everyone?

I have a brief (hopefully) question about those CC controlloer thingamajigs (you can tell I'm experienced at this). I use Sibelius 5 with GPO 3. Since
I first started using GPO, I've been able to control volume (CC7) in Sibelius fine. I just click on the note, insert text and write '~C7, 100' or whatever volume I like. However, today I've been thinking that volume's all well and good, but what about modulation and those other intresting looking midi things like portamento and attack speed that I can see in that table at the back of my manual? I've been trying to do the same thing as I've been doing for volume with the other controls - namely modulation, but I can't seem to make them work. I was trying pretty much the same method as with CC7. To try and change modulation, for instance, I put three notes in a row and on each, inserted some text and wrote '~C1, x' where x is a different value for each three notes. Unfortunately there was no change, and I'm wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction for getting this to work. I noticed in. I'm quite keen to learn how to play with these CC controllers in Sibelius as they seem to open up a lot of possibilities but so far, I can only change volume and nothing else. I've looked at some tutorials, but none of them have been relevant to my setup of Sibelius 5 and GPO 3 and haven't been able to help.

Thanks for your time, have a nice day!