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Topic: Requiem Staccato samples demo

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    Requiem Staccato samples demo

    Here's a brief sequence featuring Requiem staccato samples.

    Carmine's Banana

    I cut the decay on some of the lower octave voices in the middle 7/8 section to avoid slurring. Perhaps I'm pushing it with the tempo, but it would be nice to have the phrases tighter.

    (As you can tell from the title, it's not exactly Carmina Burana.)


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    Re: Requiem Staccato samples demo

    that sounds good!!!


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    Wink Re: Requiem Staccato samples demo

    if i turned on my Radio to BBC Radio 3 and this was coming through the speaker id be as delighted...Dynamite stuff..........

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    Re: Requiem Staccato samples demo

    Thanks for your comments.

    I'll have to work with the controllers some more. I was diminishing the decay of the lower octave voices, but doing so will affect the reverb built into the samples.


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