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Topic: GPO 4 In Pro Tools/ SIB 5

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    GPO 4 In Pro Tools/ SIB 5

    I have recently purchased GPO 4 i have fully installed everything. includeing the rtas tion. however it still does not appear in my pro tools. also how do i manage to impoort the GPO4 sound set into sibelius 5? sorry very new to this and have no idea how to retrieve files.

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    Re: GPO 4 In Pro Tools/ SIB 5


    I don't know about ProTools, but according to thsi page:


    ... GPO4 requires Sibelius 6.1 as a minimum - the Sibelius upgrade itself isn't that cheap and may requrie you to upgrade any other libraries you use with it as well - that's what's put me off upgradign yet.

    If you don't fancy upgrading Sibelius just now, you could speak nicely to the people at Garritan and they might let you download a free copy of GPO3 to use in Sibelius 5 since you've already bought a full copy of GPO4 ... though you won't have all the newer instruments available in GPO4.


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