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Topic: CoMB2 Banks Do Not Appear

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    Exclamation CoMB2 Banks Do Not Appear

    Purchased the upgrade to CoMB, installed, and authorized (message says I'm good to go), but the instruments menu do not appear in the instrument slot drop-down list as do my GPO4 and JABB3.

    I downloaded my activiation key again as suggested elsewhere and re-dropped-and-dragged, but still no CoMB instrument menu!



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    Unhappy Re: CoMB2 Banks Do Not Appear

    I'm seeing the banks in Aria, but when I try to load an instrument nothing happens. Looks like one or two others are having similar problems. Hopefully a Garritan moderator will note these concerns and take some action.

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    Re: CoMB2 Banks Do Not Appear

    As I posted in the other thread, we're checking with the designers of the installer to see if we can't get a quick fix posted for this. Sorry for the inconvenience but glad that our ever-resourceful users are finding temporary work-arounds.


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