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Topic: Can't re-access new videos for Trilian

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    Can't re-access new videos for Trilian (SOLVED)

    I hope someone can help. When I got the most recent update I was able to access a couple of new videos, one of which involved Sustain as I recall , but have not been able to actually find them since.none of the others. (I did find the Memory Management video via a link in the Yahoo group, but none of the others that I vaguely recall).

    A little help?? <GG>



    *** UPDATE ***

    I didn't think to check YouTube before writing, but I did, and it appears the videos I was thinking of were from MusicMesse when the 1.3 version was announced. D'oh!

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    Re: Can't re-access new videos for Trilian

    Here's the link to the Spectrasonics YouTube Channel in case anyone is interested...



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