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Topic: Nice standalone solution for Mac

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    Nice standalone solution for Mac

    I either read it hear or on LogicProHelp.com.
    Someone suggested running Plogue Bidule- loading multiple instances of Omnisphere. So I tried it out and it worked like a charm- plus- it assigned each instance to a core- so this is a nice way to get full useage of your cores. I was able to play 2 Omni's loaded with the patches Deigo showed on his NAMM vidoes (basically 2 big multis). In Logic, this would just kill everything- as it all went to one core. In Bidule- I can get both cores humming. Definately worth checking out

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    Re: Nice standalone solution for Mac

    Hi javaj,

    This is a good tip. Plogue Bidule works really nicely.

    What Mac and version of Logic are you using that Logic struggles with two instances of Omni?

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    Re: Nice standalone solution for Mac

    While Bidule is indeed a help, VE Pro is the better choice for Omni on a Mac because it has a 64 bit server while Bidule is 32 bit and has less latency.
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    Re: Nice standalone solution for Mac

    Ouch- 285 US for that package. I was looking for someting cheaper. But you would be right about 32-bit. For me- I wanted to see what was out there that could allow me to play huge multi's live- and in this case- without using Logic.
    As for the version- I have the latest versions of Logic/Omni/Tril. But when I play Omni through Logic- and load it up with 8 instruments- it will max out 1 core of my 2009 unibody MBP 2.53/4GB system. Leaving the other core sitting there.

    With Bidule- I was able to load 2 full instances (thus 16 instruments at one time)- using about 60 percent of each core.

    If you want to test this out- watch Diego's NAMM video where he shows off the iphone app- on that video- there are 2 multi's he created that I duplicated and used together as one massive instrument. You have to play with the mix but holy cow- what a blast to just sit there and play 1 note (changing things up with the mod and aftertouch).

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