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Topic: Error when installing the GPO4 sample library

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    Error when installing the GPO4 sample library


    I bought GPO4 this afternoon and I am having problems installing it to my windows computers. I have a laptop running Vista 32bit and a desktop running Win7 64bit.

    I have downloaded the .zip file, unpacked the contents and run the WIN_Garritan_Personal_Orchestra_4.02.exe installer, everything installs fine until it gets to the library installer.

    I can choose where I want to install the library (I left this to the default "program files" directory the installer creates). As the files start to install and error message pops up saying:
    The system cannot find the path specified.

    I have tried everything I can think of and every time the installer gets to the library I get the same message. The worst thing is the error message has a "retry" and a "cancel" button. Nothing happens when I click retry but when I click cancel another error message pops up for the next part of the library and so on for every part of the library. So each time i've tried to install the program i've had to spend almost a minute clicking cancel on numerous error message windows.

    I have tried this installer on two separate machines (Windows 7 64bit and Vista 32bit) and the error messages are identical.

    I would greatly appreciate help in this situation as I have quite an urgent project that needs to be finished tomorrow.



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    Re: Error when installing the GPO4 sample library

    Hi Simon,

    I have never seen this error message (The system cannot find the path specified.)

    Can you post a screen shot of the message?

    Make sure you have followed these steps
    (IMPORTANT: To avoid installation problem, don't move the samples data folder. Always execute the installer when having Samples data folder in it's default location. By default, the samples data folder stands beside the installer.)

    If you're still not able to install the samples correctly, contact Garritan support.

    Pascal Maheux, Plogue Art et Technologie Inc.
    Montréal. http://www.plogue.com

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