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Topic: Please pray for us

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    Please pray for us

    Hi all

    I know many of those who surf this forum are Christians and are willing to pray for those who make requests here, so Id like to make one.

    This afternoon my mum found her sister hanging in her garden. She had been mentally unwell for years and family relations have been breaking down for over a year now since our Grandfather's death. This terrible loss of life is a result of this, and I ask everyone to please pray for our family as we try to find comfort, peace and reconciliation.

    We trust in a merciful Lord. Miriam Cook, rest in peace.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Please pray for us

    gosh count me in

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    Re: Please pray for us

    I'm in. Count me in.
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    Re: Please pray for us

    I'm deeply sorry to hear such terrible news. I will most definitely pray for your family.
    Zacharias Paul Gustav Büchner

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    Re: Please pray for us

    That's horrible...

    I'll offer up my next composition as a prayer just for you guys.

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    Re: Please pray for us

    Ben, I extend my deepest sympathy to your family. I hope that the prayers, thoughts and support from those near and afar aid your family in finding peace. I hope that this terrible loss is met with tender understanding of Miriam's unwellness, and that any ill seeds that have been planted are met with forgiveness. May these difficult times find a coming together of those who have drifted apart, acts of true kindness, and healing.
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    Re: Please pray for us


    She is at peace, bless you and you too will be comforted.

    Our prayers of hope and goodwill,

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Please pray for us

    prayed for you


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    Re: Please pray for us

    My thanks to you all

    Please pray especially for my mum, she will have the image of her sister hanging from a tree in her mind for ever. It is no burden anyone should have to suffer under.T

    Thankyou again.


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    Re: Please pray for us

    Sorry to hear that Ben. I'll pray for you too.

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