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Topic: Voices

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    Hi guys,

    Here is one of several pieces I hope to complete in the coming months I hope you like it.


    Program notes:
    None of us are alone in our own minds. In our struggles to perceive the world and achieve a positive outcome in it, our consciousnesses are beset by inner voices of fear, doubt, loss, hope, experience,and desire. At times these voices are encouraging and empowering; often they are antagonistic and cruel. But we are never without them, and the difference between these voices and our actual inner selves can be an impossible distinction.


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    Re: Voices

    The music isn't comforting. The program notes indicate some kind of inner turmoil, and that indeed seems reflected in the music. There seem to be two concerting voices both in concord and in discord, against a piano background that has a life of its own. Although the string instruments (viola and violin?) have a strong presence, the piano part is more attractive to me in this piece. I like its energy, and the slightly chaotic texture, the fast runs (which I'll never be able to play; if you played that, congratulations on your technique). and the "semi-tonality". It also seems more consistent than the string parts, which feel a bit aleatoric. Given the program, that's understandable, but it does make them subjected to the piano. But in all, it's a very accomplished piece.

    Wrt the sound: the strings have some kind of room acoustics, which does not suit them, to my ears. I'm used to hearing them dryer, and more upfront. Their sound is also a bit harsh in the lower registers.

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    Re: Voices

    HI Theo

    Actually the two string instruments are two violas! This piece was requested by a local musician who is organinzing a concert for viola music.

    I guess I do envision the piano as the center of the piece: the indivudual consciousness beset by outer voices, but I assure you there is nothing aleatoric in the empircal sense about the violas (you can view the score here: http://www.sibeliusmusic.com/index.p...mail_publisher).


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    Re: Voices

    Well, Matt, I am still recovering from listening. I read the score on Sibelius. Not exactly a companion piece to Brahms' Lullaby. I liked the piano part, but I am not sure about the strings. I know two pianists who could handle the part, and neither of them is me. The music suggests Liszt in Hell or Liszt on Acid. Got to think about this one for a while.


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    Re: Voices

    Wow... I enjoy some good dissonance now and again, but I don't think I've ever heard something like this before. Definitely an interesting... if somewhat disturbing experience. It felt very chaotic with a good touch of insanity.

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    Re: Voices

    Thanks guys.... I think

    I agree its challenging music. would a theory explaniation help or hurt? I don't want to cloud anyone's head with a bunch of shop talk, but....


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    Re: Voices

    Considering that I'm currently studying music theory (theory 2 atm), I would be very interested in a theory explanation. Granted, I probably wouldn't understand half of it, but it would still be interesting.

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    Re: Voices

    Matthew -

    Although this wasn't an "easy" listen, it was a worthwhile listen! The composition seems to convey the conceptual framework that your program notes conveyed. I agree in that there always seem to exist those gnawing and conflicting inner voices "fear, doubt, loss, hope, experience, and desire" as we struggle to live out our daily lives and make some kind of mark for ourselves. Sometimes the conflicting inner voices are more in conflict with themselves, and other times a more unison voice of resolute certainty can be heard and felt. When such an inner voice of certainty does tell its tale, a sense of peace seems to take place. It's o.k. to have such peace; we all deserve such peace. It's the "resolution" part of "conflict/resolution".

    I enjoyed the interplay between the violas and piano. Even though the note for note dissonance may have been taking place, there were many moments of "unison" that also seemed to take place as the instruments moved together in dynamics and "tonal" (I can't think of a better word at this moment) center.

    Nice job, Matthew.
    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Voices

    This does indeed make the head spin. I think it is great... in moderation - I would not want to listen to this on constant repeat on a drive from Houston to Austin!!! That said, it was definitely worth the listen :-)
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    Re: Voices

    THank you all for your feed back on this piece. It is much appreciated!

    I hope to get a live recording of it very soon. Man those poor guys were concentrating!! LOL.

    I'll keep you posted.


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