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Topic: Requiem Marcato samples

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    Requiem Marcato samples

    Here's a simple sequence in which we can hear the marcato full 2 layer blend (hi mem) with the stage, mid, and far mic position samples.

    Raw Requiem

    There's nothing very musical here, but it may illustrate what we're talking about.

    (The keyswitching programming is a pain in the neck.)


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    Re: Requiem Marcato samples

    Nothing very musical my butt. THat could live quite happily in the Symphony of Psalms, which is pretty great musical company.

    That problem is actually worse than I thought. I'd only noticed the issue with the onset of the staccatos, which I guess can be corrected by dragging notes around a bit. I haven't played with the marcatos yet - never occured to me to check how tight the other end of the syllables are. Those SSSSSS's are a pain in the butt.

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    Re: Requiem Marcato samples


    Symphony of Psalms! Thanks. I'm very glad to make such an association.

    Wouldn't it be nice to get these samples to sound like the voices in Les Noces.

    I'm going to focus on those staccato samples.


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