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Topic: Attacks in Requiem

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    Attacks in Requiem

    Is anyone else finding it difficult to play chords with the staccato and marcato patches? I'm finding that when I play a chord with the notes simultaneous I get quite a large spread of consonant sounds. I don't know if it's purely down to the fact that the samples are stretched over small intervals, or whether some are also edited with slightly more onset time than others - but I'm finding it can be quite pronounced, and I have to turn quantise off and drag the notes around till I'm happy. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Re: Attacks in Requiem

    No, you aren't alone; I've been in the same boat: some of the samples are markedly longer or slower than other ones, which is a bit odd, considering the effectiveness of the real-time tempo synch/stretch engine. The worst offenders aren't so bad that they shouldn't be able to be corrected, but they're bad enough to mess stuff up. Irritating, but hopefully fixable in 1.1.

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    Re: Attacks in Requiem

    I've posted a sequence with the marcato samples in which you can hear this.

    I've also discovered some artifacts in the staccato samples. In the Stage Staccato Full patch from C3 to Eb3 there is a little metallic sound at the end of every other triggering of the keynote. I don't think it is present in the far or mid mic patches.


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