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Topic: Keyswitching phrases in Requiem

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    Keyswitching phrases in Requiem

    This problem is probably due to my missing some command or option in Kontakt 4, but when I use the keyswitching phrases in Requiem in the Staccato program, the default articulation initially "Ag" sounds, but as soon as I hit the lowest key on my keyboard it skips about four or five other articulations, skips to 'nus' and I cannot keyswitch back to the initial word articulation 'ag'. I can get back by control-right mouse click, but I cannot do this while I am sequencing.

    There are about 18 phrases in one program, but I can't trigger more than half of them by keyswitching because the others seem off the keyboard.

    Does anyone have any ideas on the keyswitching pattern in Requiem? As soon as I hit the lowest key on my 88 key keyboard, I've already skipped a number of word phrases and articulations and cannot get back to the initial one.


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    Re: Keyswitching phrases in Requiem

    Hi Marko,
    No, you are not missing any command; it's simply the way Tonehammer programmed this. Actually you are ending up with "Mus" not "Nus" when you hit the lowest note on your 88 keyboard. I suggest to Tonehammer there's something here that can be improved. First, the keyswitches could be colored blue or pink or whatever as per other manufacturers and second the keys themselves could be moved up an octave or the keyswitches set higher on an 88 note keyboard. Face it, some people don't even have 88 keys and why do you need to go beyond an 88 note limit anyway? You've got blank keys below the keys for the voices; why not use them??

    There are a couple of workarounds. To access those keyswitches you can't get at the way things are set now, you can transpose the little keyboard displayed in Kontakt itself to "+1 octave" and then click on the keyswitches there, or you can pencil in the switches in your DAW or, if you can do this with your keyboard, simply transpose your 88 note keyboard up an octave. Maybe others have other suggestions. Here also is where a script like dummeh tried to provide comes in very handy.....for this exact reason. Tonehammer, any comments? Anyone else have some suggestions?...........frank
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    Re: Keyswitching phrases in Requiem


    Thanks a lot. I'll try the transpose suggestion.


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    Re: Keyswitching phrases in Requiem

    I also solved this by transposing my midi keyboard, but it is definitely something that should be fixed in an update.
    Also, different coloring of the keyswithes would be appreciated.

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