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Topic: Audio Recorder Issue

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    Audio Recorder Issue

    I've experienced this for awhile but only felt motivated to report it now - and I'm curious if anyone else has experienced it.

    When I make a recording to WAV using the recorder in standalone mode and then press STOP, I can't play the file back (using Windows Media Player) until I close the standalone app. The app appears to hold on to the file even after STOP is pressed and the WAV file is created.

    Using v1.04 in Windows 7.


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    Re: Audio Recorder Issue

    This works for me with Steinway 1.04 and Windows 7 (32 bit)
    What error message do you get from Media Player?
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    Re: Audio Recorder Issue

    Thanks for replying...

    It's the standard "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file" dialog with a 'Web Help' button that when pressed explains a C00D11B1 error. It's most likely a driver issue that won't get fixed considering that everything else works fine. This occurs when using the integrated audio (Hi Def Audio Device) with the ASIO4ALL driver set. When just recording ideas I use the integrated audio device for simplicity - just power up the notebook and go.

    I also have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro that I haven't actually noticed this problem but I will test it again now and post back.


    Edit: Yeah, it works fine with my M-Audio box. Drivers!!!

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