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Topic: Configuring multi-audio outputs in the Aria Player

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    Configuring multi-audio outputs in the Aria Player

    Hello -

    During the past couple of days, I've found the time to further explore the Aria Player. First, I really like it. I've upgraded to both the GPO and JABB libraries for the Aria Player and will be using them for future compositions.

    In my modest studio, I have the ability to "farm" out sequencing work. My sequencer (Logic Pro 9.1.1) resides in my (now aging) Mac Pro computer. I have a 2 year old Mac Book Pro networked to the Mac Pro so that it can function as a "slave computer". This is helpful in sharing CPU and memory usage for those larger orchestral projects. It works wonderfully!!

    I am, of course, able to initiate the Aria Player from within the sequencing program. In doing this, I am able to assign any of the instruments to their own audio output. Unfortunately, I am not able to do this when I initiate the Aria Player as a stand-alone player. It seems when I use it as a stand-alone, I'm only given the one choice of sending the audio signal to the first stereo audio-puts. The additional choice of stereo audio-outputs are grayed out and unusable.

    For my Mac Pro, I use MOTU's 2408 MK3 audio device. It provides MANY choices for audio outputs. I use the ADAT outputs, so there are a potential choice of 12 stereo outputs. For the Mac Book Pro, I have MOTU's 828 MK2 and the 828 MK3 configured as one large Aggregate "device". This lends me the possibility of MANY stereo outputs! I use the ADAT outputs, of course, which lends me with 12 stereo outputs from the Mac Book Pro.

    Still. . . I am only able to configure the first stereo output from either the Mac Pro or the Mac Book Pro when the Aria Player is initiated as a stand-alone player.

    I skimmed through Aria's PDF manual. It seems that if/when the Aria player is utilized in stand-alone mode, I should have the possibility of configuring the stereo outputs to whatever my system can allow. Yet, I'm unable to. I can't figure out any other way to configure the Aria Player so that I may have this function.

    Am I missing something? What do I need to do so that I have the ability to choose multi-audio outputs from within the Aria Player in stand-alone mode? Or, is this not possible?

    Both computers are up to date with audio drivers for the MOTU devices. Both computers are using Mac OX version Snow Leopard 10.6.3. Both have plenty of RAM.

    I give you much gratitude, in advance, to taking the time to read this and providing any insight into this matter.


    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Configuring multi-audio outputs in the Aria Player

    Hi Ted,

    Yeah, the standalone is limited to a single stereo output. You can, however, change where this gets sent using the Preferences dialog box (on Mac click on the Aria Player name on the toolbar and find preferences in the dropdown; on Windows it's under the Tools menu). You'll see the device and stereo pair dropdowns, which can route Aria's output multiple places.

    You can also run multiple standalone instances simultaneously, each set to different outputs in using different MIDI inputs. On Mac you may need to create aliases of the program for this to work (PC guy here so not sure of exact procedure).

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Configuring multi-audio outputs in the Aria Player

    Thank you, Reegs, for the thoughtful information and confirmation. I think that, on my "slave computer" I'll attempt to set-up Apple's MainStage. Like Logic, it can create multiple outs from one instance of a VI. The problem is making the time to experiment with this stuff. There's just not enough time in life to make music, at present.

    Cheers. . . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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