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Topic: How to use keyswitches in a DAW

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    How to use keyswitches in a DAW

    So I bought GPO4. Managed to download it after failing four times. It is my first experience beyond macs midi sounds and Sibelius's sounds. I am afraid there will be lots of questions. My question today is:
    I have a midi file in Reaper and the gpo4 instrument is Violin 1 KS Solo. Knowing nothing about anything I assumed that if I put in note F1 into the midi file the violin would switch over to pizzicato.
    I tried and nothing happened. Is my basic assumption correct that inserting low notes into a midi file should trigger switching?

    Mac, Snow Leopard, Sibelius, Reaper, GPO4

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    Re: How to use keyswitches in a DAW

    Those numbers are valid when your base octave for pitches = -2. That means that when we are talking about C3 as the middle C (is midi note number 60), that F1, C1 and so on are valid keyswitches. Somewhere in your sequencer you may have to set this. Also, think of setting the keyswitch a tiny bit earlier (in time, some ticks) than the note for which it is meant. It is not necessary to have every pizzicato note flagged with F1 (or with base octave = 0; value F3). It is valid until the next keyswitch sets it for another "voice".

    Does this make sense to you?
    [I am using Sonar]

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: How to use keyswitches in a DAW

    Thank you,
    It made a lot of sense. I was in the wrong octave. It was as simple as that.

    Macbook 2 GB, Sibelius, Reaper, GPO4

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