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    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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    Re: Article

    Good ol' Steinway. It's their way or the highway.

    I want to laugh out loud when I describe how cut throat the classical music world can be and people have a look on their face like they've just found out there is no Santa Clause.

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
    24" 2.4 Ghz iMac, OSX 10.4.10, MOTU 828 MKII, 2 Glyph 250 Gig external drives, Logic 9, Finale 2008 GPO, JABB, Strad, Gro, Reason 4, EWQL Storm Drum, Adrenaline, Symphonic Choirs, SO Gold,All Arturia Synths, Many NI Synths, Spectrasonics Synths, KH Strings, VEPro on a Windows 7 4x 2.8 Ghz 12 gig of RAM

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    Re: Article

    I don't know.. I can be pretty vindictive...
    I'd have bought my own Steinway, and painted it pink with zebra stripes, and had it trucked to all my concerts.
    but that's just me....

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