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Topic: It has been quite an ending to my career

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    It has been quite an ending to my career

    I took an early retirement offer a few months ago. At first it was a difficult decision, but then I made a list of all I had left to do. I have so much more music to write, especially musicals, photography projects and products and more. In the coming years I will be writing full-time, continuing my photography work, doing one-man convocations around the state and a whole lot more. Recently I did a final show for the kids and it was fun and sad at the same time. I finished it with a 15 minute slide show of my life, family, career, students and fellow teachers. You can see it on the Charles Moman fan page on Facebook - look up the videos.

    On my last Friday before my last 2 classes of the day, I was called by the nursing home where my 86 year old mother was in rehab in hopes of coming home soon. She lives next door to me - I bought the house for her 22 years ago. She was failing and needed to go to the ER and they needed my permission - I have POA and make all medical decisions for her. We ran to the ER and found she had had a major stroke, could not speak, blood pressure dropping, blood count way low and more wrong. They started to speak of a CT scan, transfusions, etc. and I made the decision she asked me to make long ago.

    I called everything off and we took her back to the nursing home for comfort care only. She died on Tuesday, around noon with family around her. Tuesday would have been the last teaching day of my 37-year career, but I had already told the classes goodbye. It still was doubly hard.

    We had the funeral on Thursday and my oldest brother, Carl sang (doctorate in operatic performance) and preached the sweet sermon. At the cemetery they played "Come to Jesus" by Chris Rice and during the final verse "Fly to Jesus" a white dove was released.

    I had 5 of my 6 children able to come home - John Mark is a Marine in Okinawa and they would not let him come home. Today the last of them flies back to California and it will get real quiet here. Mom's empty house next door is a sweet reminder. We will be fine - just about to begin our new "normal". I am happy for Mom because her quality of life had dropped a lot this past year and I was assuming she was in the last year of her life.

    A wonderful Mom who raised 7 kids - all college graduates - some with doctorates and most with masters - she was very proud of that. Party with Jesus time for Mom now!

    I did not expect this ending to my career, but it is a full circle kind of thing and I am ok with it and on we go . . .
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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career


    all the best to you, and you did the right thing imo.

    It seems despite being retired you are fresher inside than many and I wish you the best for pouring your energy into music.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Hello Charles,
    What a difficult time it has been. I have been through the same tough decision process. My decision was the same, to live up to the promise I had made, and I can say that I look back with no regrets. I hope that you feel the same way.

    You have left quite a legacy behind you, the many lives you have touched and changed for so many years. Now you have the chance to do even more and I wish you all the best in accomplishing everything you set out to do.

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Even though such events must affect people deeply, I find your writing balanced, dignified, and touching. You clearly have found an inner strength. I admire you for that, and hope you will continue to find it, perhaps in the music.

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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Charles, I am so sad to read your post. I realize that you are at peace with your Mom's home going, and I am grateful for that too. I am pretty sure that the great sadness you are feeling right now is the realization that you won't see her again, at least not until you go to meet her in Heaven.

    You DO have so much more to give us. I can only imagine how proud she was.......... (is) of you, and ALL of her children.

    I will pray for you in the coming days.
    count on it

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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Wow, so much all at once... also agree with Hannes that you did the right thing...

    The encouragement is that as a follower of Jesus, in the midst of grief, there is a future hope.

    May your "retirement" years be the most fruitful of your life.

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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Your writing touched me deeply. I understand how it is. My younger brother died a few months ago at the age of 68 and I had to tell my mother who is 93 living in a nursing home. It was a difficult period during two years when we knew that the time would come when my brother had to go. Slowly preparing my mother for the inevitable and supporting and sharing the pain and feelings of my brother. But that is life.

    So how does this relate to us on this forum? In my youth I had ambitions to make a living out of music. I was not good enough so my career was as math professor at a university. When I retired I returned to music and found out that from piano, paper and pen it has evolved into a complex technology which I am slowly learning. That takes time away from creating music but I have to admit that it is fun.

    But music and creating it is important. On the same day my brother died I sat down at my old grand piano and wrote "Requiem to a dead brother". It gave me strength and had obvious therapeutic value.

    In sorrow and joy music is an essential part of life. I am probably professionally far behind most of you but as humans loving music we have a common source of strength.
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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Charles, I remember you telling me you'd be retiring, but now this - Life is so mysterious, unpredictable.

    Kate and I are holding you in our thoughts tonight. Take care, my friend.


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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Thank you for all for your thoughts. Today, after a long after-church nap - I took the short walk down the street to Riverview Cemetery. Mom is buried there next to my younger brother Marlin, who died of AIDS 16 years ago. Riverview is right across the highway from my school where I taught for 37 years. We walk there for exercise all the time, a beautiful tree-filled place.

    Next year will be my first year in 53 to not go to school. Mom took my twin sister and I to school in 1956 and this fall I will not go to school and Mom will be gone as well. Kind of a full-circle kind of thing and sweet in a sweet/sad way. I was thinking that Mom gave me my final retirement gift - the complete freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted.

    She had been in decline this past year and I did not expect her to live more than a year, so this was not a total shock to Susie and me. She often said she was tying us up and being a burden with all of the medical appointments and daily care. We always told her that we loved taking care of her, but to be honest it can wear caregivers down, as many of you know. I am just thankful now that she is pain free and with Jesus and family. Last year her goal was to see Rivertown and she made it. Yeah!

    Now - go call or send a card to someone you need to connect with again!
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    Re: It has been quite an ending to my career

    Your voice will never be heard again,
    your chair will stay empty and
    your love will be missed so hard,
    but in our minds you are alive forever.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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