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Topic: Routing To The Mixer

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    Question Routing To The Mixer

    Sup everyone!
    As you well may know I am new here to this site, which by the way I am impressed to see a site dedicated to samplers. Gd Lk'n Northern-sounds!...I have a question and the question is, "Is there a way to route individual instruments in it's own mixer track when having multiple instruments within Kontakt while using it as a plug-in? I'm using FL Studio by the way(my favorite sampler of choice).

    I know how to use the Midi Out Channel within FL to use different instruments without having to load Kontakt(or any other 3rd party plug-in for that matter) over and over, but not sure how to route each one to it's own mixer track, for more flex-ability. If this is not possible, what would be the reason to use multiple instruments within 1 VST? All it does is limit your ability to mix each sound separately. It's fine for certain occasions but, bad if you need to separate each instrument to it's own track.

    I seen that no one has posted a thread in here in awhile but PLEASE, If someone knows how to work around this, do tell! I'll be trying to figure this problem out myself in the meantime...Look forward for a reply soon.


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    Re: Routing To The Mixer

    I don't know anything about FL, but in Logic you instantiate Kontakt as a multi-oiutput software instrument, then assign the sounds inside the multi to successive outputs, and finally create auxes to host them.

    Nowadays however, I rarely do this as my computer can handle separate instances well.
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    Re: Routing To The Mixer

    How is it going? 1st off, thanks for the quick reply...I was completely brain dead last night and couldn't really think. I woke up this mourning with a thought of a work-around for my problem. Using FL, you could simply copy & paste the composition on over to a 'sampler' channel(empty).

    However, the thing about doing it in this manner is that you don't get the full control of the plug-in. Meaning that if you were to make a composition and wanted to further the sound 4rm that source(giving it depth), it would be some what difficult for the fact that it would be panned and what not, exactly the same as the last or 1st selection(instrument) within Kontakt or any other plug-in.

    I'll just have to keep thinking of other ways to work around this problem in the meantime while someone who uses FL could be of assistance....I'm a little tired right now so therefore I can't really focus on what your saying. I will definitely read over it a bit later, to see if I can get some kind of idea(s).

    I also have a P.C. that can handle multiple instances as well, but I thought it would be best to conserve. I guess I can also just work on the sound completely to how I want it and then convert it into a wav file. But I don't mix fully in one day. Sometimes it takes days for me to decide to change a sound and what not so, I would still have multiple instances up in the mean time, which I really don't want!

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    Re: Routing To The Mixer

    O.K. Die-Hard FL(studio) fans, get ready to embrace yourselves! Since my last post(which was this mourning), I have been on a mission to figure out how to send each instrument within Kontakt to it's own output channel and to be able to route it to the mixer in FL(separately).

    Hard work paid off and I was able to figure this bad boy out. Peep game: 1st off, If you don't know how to use 'midi channels' I suggest you roll on over to Youtube to find out. 'Midi Channels' is what your going to need if you plan on conserving RAM - opposed to creating multiple instances of Kontakt or any other plug-in for that matter.

    2nd, your going to need to open up the 'Output' 4rm the top tab of Kontakt > Add Channel - which creates another output channel. NOTE: you have the option to rename if you wish. Now go back to the instrument that you want to change the output for - You will see the output selection right underneath the name of the instrument.

    _Click on the drop-down arrow and select your new output of choice(which should be different 4rm the other instruments of course). Now go into your 'wrapper settings', which is found at the very top left of the plug-in - a little bit to the right 4rm the 'plug-in options' drop-down menu(when hosted by FL). Go to the processing tab, and to your far right, you will see "Outputs" ;

    Go to the 1st "unassigned(1)" output and choose where you want to have it placed in the mixer of FL. Play the composition to see where it's taking place. NOW! You might be wondering why there is no sound available. You have to send it to an AUX channel within Kontakt. In order to do this, you simply click on the 'aux button' to the far right of the instrument of choice. Aux's will appear underneath instrument - Choose the 1st aux send and give it however much send you need. And now you should here sound coming out. If not, you need to close out the program and re-open it(just close out FL but make sure you save the project 1st). It most likely will be that you have to activate the "Midi Channel"(green light).

    This gives you far more flexibility, because not only can you add effects within the mixer of FL, but also add effects from within the aux in Kontakt. WoW! And this is what Asher was speaking of, I just didn't know how to do it within FL....If anyone needs more help with this, feel free to ask in this topic or simply send me a personal message.

    Later and rock on!
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    Re: Routing To The Mixer

    Hey there, thanks for posting this topic., I had wondered about this for a while with FL Studio... However I am still a little confused as to how the sound will come out. I got the whole routing thing working so that when I play kontakt's keyboard in the plugin it shows up in seperate tracks on the mixer, but when I try to use the piano roll...no sound comes out then. Hmm maybe I need to do something else with midi?

    Much thanks for those who respond!


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    Re: Routing To The Mixer

    Ah I am silly, when I was using the piano roll for the midi out plugin i had the 'output' port set and not the input >< thanks anyways!


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