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Topic: Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With

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    Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With


    I'm an aspiring soundtrack composer looking for clips to practice with. I'd like to know how to get hold of video clips that have dialog/foley/effects but no soundtrack? Can't imaging where I could find something like that, any ideas? Very difficult to pull off DVDs, esp for any kind of action scenes.



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    Smile Re: Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With

    Because of the legal issues, studios don't release those unless there are reasons such as bonus features for DVD/Blue-Ray.

    With that stated, I found that one of my friends did practice scoring using "Cast Away" featuring Tom Hanks. The middle section of the movie is completely music free to express "realness," and I think it is successfully done. But you could use that section, as my friend did, to practice scoring imagining the situation that the audience at pre-screening did not like that no-music direction, and wanted more music!!!

    The other direction you could take is that use animation, and create every sonic materials from the scratch including dialog, SE and BGM. You will learn a lot by doing this. You might realize where your skills lack.
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    Re: Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With

    ..... or rip deleted scenes from DVD bonus features & try scoring those. They generally have no FX and no music. It's a great exercise.


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    Re: Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With

    Public Domain Films ... 2 sources I know of.

    There are quite a few that have long stretches of dialogue without music.
    One in particular that I remember is called "Suddenly".
    It's an early Frank Sinatra Film - Drama.

    And other is "Cyrano" ... particularly the dual scene near the beginning.
    No music but excellent dialogue to score around.

    I'm sure you can also find others.

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    Re: Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With

    When I was starting out composing to picture, I just turned down the sound and looked for the emotion in the acting, even if there was music in the scene. Actors like Gene Hackman & Meryl Streep convey a lot just in their faces....:-)

    It's really just about finding any way to can to put yourself in a receptive mood. Where the music starts and stops are usually the most powerful moments and those are the ones to look for. That way you can develop sensitivity for timing and dynamics: IMO the key skill for working to picture.

    Another approach for practicing is to look for really dry, "undramatic" material such as industrial films or documentary sequences, and experiment with ways to add emotion and character to the picture. That's a lot of fun too.

    BTW, IMO key skill number 2 is to know when to reduce the "content" in the music so that the picture can speak to the emotions. It's so easy to fall in love with your own music, putting in more and more clever and beautiful stuff in the arrangement but so often, "less is more". The caveat to that is, at certain points in the development, "only everything is just enough", meaning just occasionally you can go up to 11 on the music dial.



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    Re: Video Clips for a Beginner To Practice With

    Fantastic, these are all great ideas, thanks everyone...


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