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Topic: Can't have more than 1 insturment

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    Can't have more than 1 insturment

    I have recently gotten GPO4, and I can't seem to get it to record more than 1 insturment. I'm using ACID pro, and have the ARIA set up as a soft synth. I can get it to record one insturment in slot 1, say a piano. However, when I go to add another, say a violin, I try to record it on a diffrent track however I can't seem to get it to record on that second track, even when I have it armed for that track and I have them on diffrent channels.

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    Re: Can't have more than 1 insturment

    Wow. No one has responded to your question so I thought I'd at least post something. I have never used ACID pro - I use Sonar. I'll give it a shot anyway...

    If you want separate "outs" then each different instrument needs its own MIDI track and it's own Aria synth track. So...

    Two Instruments in Aria in slots one and two...one on MIDI channel one and one on MIDI channel two.

    Set to "out" of each "slot" to the Aria synth out (or multiple outs if using the multi-out option).

    Make sure the MIDI tracks in the sequencer route to the Aria synth.

    Hope that helps. Anybody else out there care to give it a go?
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