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Topic: Minimized Aria Icon

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    Minimized Aria Icon

    This will probably be considered nit-picking but it is one thing that drives me crazy (it doesn't take much). When I'm momentarily through "programming" Aria and minimize it, it parks itself in a bad place for Sonar Home Studio 7. It drops down and obscures the left end of the left/right slew mechanism. I never use the loop business which occupies this space before I click it away (that's another peeve - I can't permanently get rid of the loop stuff but that is a Sonar problem). I can move the minimized Aria icon to a blank space in the upper right of the Sonar screen but if I switch to another project and return, the blasted thing goes back to it's bad position. Further aggravating is the bizarre fact that sometimes it takes as many as five tries to click and drag the thing. It acts like it is stuck to the spot! Other times it will move on the first try.

    This is a long buildup to my questions. Is there any way to permanently choose where I wish the minimized Aria icon to stow itself? Does anyone else have the problem with intermittent click and drag of this icon or is it just my computer lashup? For what it's worth, the exact same situation occurs with Kontakt.

    Thanks for any help to my mental well-being!


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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Not familiar with the icon thing...BUT why not just enabled the player as a Tab? Right click the upper left corner of the Aria screen and click "enable tabbed" - it will then be available as a tab at the bottom of track view.

    I did this for a long time (tabs) until I realized that the synths I loaded are all in Synth Rack view anyway - so I skip the tabbing now (actually saved me some other grief as well) and just use synth rack when I need to change something in my loaded Vst synths.
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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Thanks for the response. When I right click on the upper left corner of Aria, I get a menu that only includes the active choices: Move, Size, Minimize, Close, and Disable Floating. There is no mention of Tabs.

    The icon I'm talking about is just a small box that says "Aria" and has the controls to maximize Aria or to close it. To me it's easier to just click once to make Aria appear in all it's glory rather than click to open the synth view and then double click the particular synth. When you have Aria "open" on the screen, just click on the minus sign in the upper right hand corner and it will dissolve into the icon I'm talking about. Maybe icon is not the proper word, but I don't know what it's called.

    Thanks again for responding at this late hour - I'm off to bed.


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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Hi Tom,

    Hmmm. I'm probably misunderstanding something because I can't reproduce the Aria behavior you describe.

    This sounds like a job for the go-to person on this board for Sonar issues Randy Bowser (rbowser). Randy are you out there?
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Chip "Reberclark"---I have some info for you, Tom.

    First, this will sound like editorializing, but I am far being alone in my disappointment with Home Studio 7. That's not very helpful to you, but I'm mentioning this because Cakewalk made a decision when they developed HS7 which many of us feel like was a major Fail.

    Home Studio 6 looks and behaves very much like Cakewalk's flagship program, Sonar. But instead of upgrading HS6, what they did was make the whole Home Studio concept over. Their goal was to make a simpler program, one theoretically more user friendly to Cakewalk neophytes. They took out many functions and tools that HS users had gotten used to.

    Believe it or not, a major functionality they removed was tabbed views!--That's the main reason for Chip's confusion over what you're talking about.

    Tabbed views is a handy way to have a lot of different screens instantly available, tucked away in the lower right quadrant of the screen until needed. They can be resized all throughout a project. For instance, I usually have part of my Track View visible in the upper part of the screen and the Piano Roll View visible in the lower part of the screen.

    In HS7 you only have the option for "Floating Views." When you call up any of the separate editing views, PRV, Staff, Event List, they'll fill up the whole screen. But if you click the Maximize button in the middle of the Windows tabs in the upper right hand corner they become smaller windows which can be placed wherever you want on your screen. Of course the limit to how much you can see and work with at a time. It helps to have a second monitor where you can drag and place such floating views.

    Aria will be in the Synth Rack View. Especially if you add more than one instance, or add other soft synths to your project, you'll want to open the Synth Rack to see all the synths you have inserted.

    To your specific question - something else which would help you but which was taken out of HS7 is the Layout option. That's a way to save and call up various screen configurations.

    BUT, you mentioned you don't have use for the Loop Explorer. When HS7 is first opened, the default is for that view to be taking up half of the screen. If you grab the top of that and push it down until it's off the bottom of your screen, that configuration for your HS7 layout in effect becomes default. In my experience, when I open a project, the Loop Explorer will never show up - I don't have use for it either and so I've minimized it and it's stayed minimized.

    Aria - You're saying that when you minimize it, it's obscuring something you need to see in the bottom of your screen. First, remember as I said above, you should be using the Synth Rack view. But either way, that view indeed shrinks down to the lower left corner and that's where it wants to stay.

    I've taken some screen shots to illustrate something. You said the minimized Aria is blocking something--but it isn't on my screen. All it's blocking is the bar which is blank other than the text "For Help, press F1." Maybe it's because of the way I've dragged the edges of the various boxes on the HS screen, but that's the way it's always been as far as I can remember.

    In this first shot you'll see part of the HS screen. You'll see I have the Staff, Piano Roll and Synth Rack views all open. Clicking one will bring it to the front so I can work with it. Notice the "For Help" bar I mentioned above:

    Now see where the synth rack has minimized to - On top of "For Help"--and that's no problem. My computer icon tray is still visible of course, and everything else I needed to see in HS7 is still available:

    NOTE: The minimized Synth Rack says "Kontakt" because that was the name of this project. It was an experiment with Kontakt. Didn't want that to confuse you.

    I'm hoping that at least some things in this post will be helpful to you. I'll check the thread again later.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Here's another option for you, Tom. It's something I learned about recently and have been using almost exclusively since. (Caveat - I'm a full Sonar user so I don't know for sure if this applies to HS).

    In the track view (and mixer veiw, for that matter) there are pull-down menus on each track for the track's inputs and outputs. As you know, for the MIDI track's output and corresponding audio track's input, you choose the appropriate channel of the Aria player.

    Once the synth has been selected, you can double-click on either the input or the output and Sonar will launch the window for that synth! I now just x-out all my synths when I'm done playing with the knobs and any time I need to see them again, they're only a double-click away.

    Let me know if this works for you!

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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Hi, Rob - That's an option that can work for some people, good to mention it here, so thanks. Since I have HS7 on this laptop, I've been checking its functioning so I can steer Tom right. Just now I ran a test to see if HS7 has that same function as in Sonar, and it does! Double click the name of the synth in a track header and its GUI pops up.

    Hope you try these ideas out soon, Tom.


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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Thanks a bunch to all! I never thought about just closing Aria when I'm temporarily finished with it instead of minimizing it. I have actually used the scheme of double clicking on the track "heading" to open other synths but for some reason I just got in the habit of minimizing Aria - Duh! Now that I have Aria & GPO4, I practically never use any other synths so I quickly forgot about opening them from the track "heading" - ain't Alzheimers fun?

    Thanks again for helping me maintain a modicum of sanity. I know I use all sorts of wrong terminology in my posts but you guys are pretty good cryptologists.


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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    One more thing, Randy. I can only minimize my loop stuff to about the lower 3/4 inch or so of the screen. I still have to click it out each time I open HS7 to reclaim that bit of screen. It just bugs me to have something that I never use taking up even that much screen. I talked to a Cakewalk rep in person and also wrote a squawk to Cakewalk - both told me "they're working on it for a future version".

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Minimized Aria Icon

    Glad to hear the posts have been helpful, Tom!

    When you do use more than one instance of Aria, or you have a project with several synths, just remember how handy the Synth Rack is. It has programmable knobs for synths available in that view also. And when you use the Synth Rack, you should find that in HS7 it'll minimize to where you see it in my screen shot. It doesn't obscure anything you need to get to.

    More questions are always welcome, so hope to see you again soon.

    Randy B.

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