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Topic: Acapella

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    with all the amazing demos of choirlibraries popping up i was inspired to do a piece using only the vocal samples in Omnisphere.
    The only thing i added was a vocalbeat loop from Stylus RMX to add a beefy 4 on the floor feel.


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    Re: Acapella

    those looking for acapella will be disappointed by your thread title here, but you do have a fine, modern, synthesized-sounding piece... what is infectious about it is, and you may think this strange, your own enthusiasm (which comes through in the piece)... people always look for a human element in music, and that is it in this piece... not much going on theory-wise traditionally speaking- sounds like a three-chord composition; that is offset however by the complexity of the timbers- the piece works because, after all, there can be too much complexity; you gave us simplicity in one area to allow for complexity in another... but all that is theory, the bottom line is taste, which includes enthusiasm, if people have an immediate taste for it, and if not, if the piece is infectious (in an intriguing way)...

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    Re: Acapella

    the thread title was choosen to illustrate that everything in the tune was done using the human voice as a source material-even the percussion stuff.
    Goes to show how far you can get with Omnispheres STEAM engine.
    It might sound simple but there is more than 3 chords in that song although most of the variations were achieved by changing the rootnotes only.

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