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Topic: How to construct a MIDI drums set?

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    How to construct a MIDI drums set?

    I am sure there is an easy way to take separate drum samples, say, crash, snare, kicks etc... and make them all
    a Midi drum kit, controlled by GM-channel 10.
    Can anybody tell me how to do it?

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    Re: How to construct a MIDI drums set?

    First get yourself a GM map showing where the drums need to be placed.

    Then, all you need to do is identify which .gigs on your HD contain the individual sounds you like, and then load all of them into the one instrument - which is a snap once you know how (aren\'t so many things though?) Actually, you don\'t have to load them all at the same time - it\'s just more convenient. It\'s perfectly feasible to do one at a time.

    1. Write down the names of the gigs which contain the drums you like.

    2. Go into the editor and create a new instrument with nothing in it. This\'ll be your \'target\' GM instrument.

    3. Load the source instruments containing the drum sounds you like into the editor. Use merge load and the instruments will be loaded as an extra instrument in the same bank as your empty GM target instrument. This makes editing a tad quicker.

    4. Select the region/s in the source instrument which has your sounds in it, eg snare.

    5. Right click and select copy

    6. Select the (empty) target instrument

    7. You now have two choices - paste and paste here. \'Paste here\' allows you to select a specif start key for your sample region/s to be pasted to (by positioning your mouse cursor over a key). BTW, You must have at least the same number of keys available in the target area as the source regions require. As the target instrument fills keep an eye on how much space you have left towards the upper limit of the keyboard. Pastes won\'t take if there\'s even a single key less than they need. Note that the space on the target has to be consecutive keys. Pasting doesn\'t skip over already assigned regions, it just aborts. If you paste a region to the wrong key, just slide it to the correct one, or even cut and paste if there\'s a region in the way.

    8. Voila! The drums from your source instrument now also reside where you want them in your GM target instrument.

    9. Save the work in progress (using \'save as\' and giving the GM gig a unique name is the safest method).

    10. Delete the instrument which you just used as a source instrument from the bank list (unless you have more regions to copy)

    11. Proceed ripping regions from the rest of your source instruments until you\'ve filled \'er up.

    btw Don\'t forget to set the hi hat regions up to be members of the same self-exclusive keygroup (right click on each region to assign)

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    Re: How to construct a MIDI drums set?

    Thanks for your time!
    I truly appreciate your effort!!!
    I owe you one.
    Eilam, Israel

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