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Topic: The Call of Zalem

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    The Call of Zalem

    I am finding that anime and manga (Japanese animation and comics) are good sources of inspiration for me, and the Gunnm (Battle Angel) series in particular has inspired this piece, "The Call of Zalem." This is the first completed piece for what I am calling The Gally Project, named after the main character of the Gunnm series.

    "The Call of Zalem" is done with primarily GPO4 instruments, plus the SoftSynth alto sax from Finale PrintMusic and the distinctive War Horn soundfont from www.soundsforbeats.com.
    Using Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 with Finale PrintMusic 2010


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    Re: The Call of Zalem

    Not bad. I enjoyed the steady build of the tremolo in the beginning. And I really like the warhorn.

    Just a few things I felt like it needed. First, it feels pretty empty. You definitely need a bassline, and maybe some percussion to fill it up. Also, we have the winds repeating staccato eighth notes throughout the entire piece. I was waiting for something else to happen, but nothing did. It needs a lot more variety in the orchestration! And maybe throw in a couple of other themes in there as well. Along with this, the players have no space to breath! These are the kind of things you have to consider when composing for an orchestra.

    Otherwise, you're off to a good start! Happy composing!
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