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Topic: Getting a little sick of this

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    Getting a little sick of this

    When people deride GPO. You know the type- the guys with the mondo libraries and that have never actually used GPO but have heard a couple demos and lambast it. Even when they hear a demo by someone like DPDan who did a fantastic job of the Gershwin piece last year, they still say awful things. I guess this is just part of the internet- hide behind some anonymous screen name and knock down anything.

    Well, I own VSL, EWQLSO, Hollywood Strings, Sympohobia, pretty much every orchestral library on the market (except Sonivox because it's too expensive) and I use GPO admidst these libraries. I did a piece last summer that used LA Scoring Strings with GPO winds and percussion. Turned out terrific! I use J&BB3 and GPO4 in Sibelius all of the time because it doesn't demand a memory footprint to kill off an elephant.

    The one thing a lot of other developers haven't done that I admire Gary for doing very early on is sampling different makes of instruments so when I use Flutes 1,2,3 in unison, they don't sound fake or chorused- they sound like a real groups of instruments. J&BB works exceptionally well in this manner too.

    I love the Aria engine as well. Simple, effective, intuitive. Gary realizes that at the end of the day, it's about making music. Lots of pros use his products so it's really just some insecure guys with these big libraries that are saying bad things about his library. My feeling is that if Wendy Carlos, one of the chief proponents of electronic music since its inception, lauds GPO, then you know it's gotta be doing something right.

    So, I just wanted to say to Gary, keep up the great work. As someone with those "big libraries" I only have more respect for what you have been able to accomplish with your Personal Orchestra and I am a life long customer. Looking forward to GS2 when its released. Wish I could get my hands on the original library.

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    Re: Getting a little sick of this

    I second this. I also use "big" libraries - projectSam Orchestral Brass and projectSam Symphobia and think GPO and JABB (and COMB which I use for wind ensemble flute and clarinet and sax sections as well as euphonium) are fantastic. I also use VDL instead of projectSam's TrueStrike and get excellent results.

    I think you're right about the internet culture - some people just are out there to trash competitiors' products or cause problems on forums just for the sake of chaos.

    The sampling techniques and implementation in Garritan products are completely thought out, easily usable and a joy to work with. ARIA is great and just as transparent and easy to work with. Health and long life to the Garritan brand!
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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    Re: Getting a little sick of this

    It was crazy back when GPO came out. The amount of bashing at the time especially on NorthernSounds by the users of the bigger libraries. They just couldn't accept that you could get good results from a $249 library. The library was just beneath them even without them even trying it.

    The forum was just nasty at the time. You had many of the John Williams wannabe's on the forum who thought they were the greatest composers around. These were the folks who praised each other about how great they were. They all had really big egos and let it be known. These people were the GPO critics. They would go to other boards and then gang up on the people here with the negative posts. Most of the them were banned from here. Very few have moved onto professional positions.

    Those were interesting days!


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    Re: Getting a little sick of this

    Well, as a full-time college student (1 year to go!) I can't say I use any of the big libraries, but I've certainly enjoyed what I've gotten through Finale '08 and the Garritan Package provided with it! I'm certain that once I get out of school and get a better job, I'll be upgrading Finale, and naturally, getting whatever GPO edition that comes with it!

    As far as internet bashing goes, well, I wasn't around (I don't think) when the forum was as bad as Haydn mentioned, but I know of forums that resemble his description. Don't get me wrong, I feel criticism is a great way for people to improve on themselves, and for companies to improve their products, and northernsounds is a great outlet for Garritan to get that. Unfortunately, the amount of people who actually criticize in hopes of helping out a person or a company is scarce, though they do actually exist, I promise! (Many of the listening room posts are proof of this )

    Why do people like to bash other people, products, ideas, etc. online so much? Well, I couldn't say for sure, but I've always figured it's some combination of the following.

    Anonymity is a great plus, like you said, davecos. It's easy to burn something you disagree with or disapprove of when you know the subject of said burning can't track you down and force you to back up your information.

    Another thing that I think many people don't take much into consideration is the desire to comment on a topic. Most people who feel very strongly about a certain topic (whether approval or disapproval) are much more likely to participate in or begin a conversation about said topic. For example, we've all seen receipts, or packaging that has a phone number on it saying, "For questions or comments contact: " etc.... I would say most of those calls are "This product sucks because...," or, "I had a horrible experience due to this malfunction...". The other side would be, "I love your brand!"

    I would think it's very unlikely someone would actually call into one of those lines and say, "I found your product to be very mediocre; thanks for getting done what I needed to have done without seriously impressing me!"

    Anyways, there are certainly other factors involved...but this post is getting much longer than I intended...

    Have a nice day!

    Michael Obermeyer, Jr.
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    Re: Getting a little sick of this

    I don't mean to sound too casual about this, but in fact there is little anyone can do to change the behavior of others!

    What we can all do is continue to be politely supportive of the tools that we use, and explain detail why we use them, what we like about them, and, should there be anything we'd like to see improved, well, we should be honest about that too.

    All of this should be done in such a way as to avoid tearing down other products!

    Sadly, this is not the sort of discourse one finds on the internet... more's the pity.

    I was around when GPO was first released, and for subsequent releases. I use GPO and JABB a lot, I also still use GOS (when my giga machine is cooperating) and the Strad and Gofriller libraries.

    But I have reached a point where there are sounds I can't quite get with any of the above, and I've started searching for alternatives to enhance my current tool set.

    I had hoped (rather naively it turns out) that the childish debates I witnessed before had become a thing of the past. And we should be grateful, because NS forums seem quite civilized compared to some of the others!

    In a recent search for a good choral library I had the tremendous misfortune to ask why people were debating the merits of X and Y - neither of which has been released yet, and ignoring Z, also yet to be released.

    Some (many) of the posts ignored the question, a handful noticed, but had little to say, and one or two (that's it so far, one or two) actually said positive things about the developer of Z, and their expectation that Z would be an outstanding library.

    And that's for libraries that don't exist yet! When you jump into the epic string or epic percussion category there are many contenders, and many devoutly loyal (or so it appears) supported for each. And for reasons I can't quite figure, they all figure the best way to make their choice seem good is to detract from the competition.

    Now I may be silly, but I don't see how this helps anyone.

    So I continue to try to find places where one can read intelligent, reasoned, and polite debates... any ideas?
    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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    Re: Getting a little sick of this

    GPO is an absolutely stellar sound library and for the price, you get a heck of a deal. The problems most people have with sound libraries is not inherent in the libraries themselves, but in certain quirks that arise between the libraries and the notation/sequencer they use with it. The folks who make notation/sequencers do their best to ensure that they work well with the many sample libraries, but there will always be those little disagreements between the guests and the hosts. Kind of like talk shows, you know.
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