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Topic: MIDI Control Change Question With GPO 4

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    MIDI Control Change Question With GPO 4

    Hello, my name is James and I am brand new to this forum, as I recently purchased Garritan Personal Orchestra 4.

    A bit about myself:

    I've been a professional musician since 1983, mainly doing piano & vocal, but also being in 3 two man bands.

    I now play several instruments and have learned all about MIDI sequencing in 1997. I'm pretty comfortable with MIDI now, and have a number of MIDI sequences done, including editing them on a stand-alone sequencer - the Roland MC-50 MKII.

    With one of my sound modules, [Roland SE-1 STRINGS], I could program RPN & NRPN messages 98, 99, 100, & 101 to have some nice long release/decay tails on some of my string parts using that sound module.

    However with GPO 4, these do not cross over when recorded into my Digital Audio Workstation.

    From what I can see so far, my only real options are Control Change 21 and possibly 17 using GPO 4.

    Has anyone else run across this and does anyone know if I have any other options for this within GPO 4?

    I'm using SONAR 8.5 as my DAW host.

    I know I can do envelopes such as CC 72 and 75 [release & decay] on some other string patches [TTS -1], but I tried this with Sonar & GPO 4 to no effect.

    Otherwise I'm quite impressed with GPO 4 so far.

    Thank you for your help,


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    Re: MIDI Control Change Question With GPO 4

    Hi, James, and welcome to the forum. While I don't know the answer to your question, I do know that you will be more likely to get a response over at either the Garritan general forum, or the GPO technical support forum.

    Good luck, and please post some of your completed works in the listening room - we would love to hear them!

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    Re: MIDI Control Change Question With GPO 4

    Thanks Rob

    I was wondering if this was the right place to post.

    I wasn't totally sure.

    I'll try there.


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