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Topic: Samplemodeling Trombone/ Bona Fide

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    Samplemodeling Trombone/ Bona Fide

    This is a short demo that features the 4 trombones from Samplemodeling over a smooth beat made with Trilian, Omnisphere and EZdrummer and RMX.


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    Re: Samplemodeling Trombone/ Bona Fide

    nice production, nice equipment (and good video work, nice eye for that), but interesting choice of melody and harmony (and instrument choices), makes one wonder about all the influences that are mixing together in your head... American jazz, German beer-hall... lol but that's what makes us all unique, to a point... (for we will eventually be classified as part of a larger whole sooner or later, as people like to classify and organize)...

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    Re: Samplemodeling Trombone/ Bona Fide

    thanks-my head is surely a mess but its interesting that you hear beer hall influences.
    never knew i had any of that in my music.

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