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Topic: GPO in Logic Express?

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    GPO in Logic Express?

    I have noticed that there has been a lot of confusion about GPO4 in Sibelius 6. I might buy GPO4 to be used in Logic Express 9 but before I decide I would like to know whether anybody can say that it is easy or difficult or trivial or tricky or impossible or smooth to use GPO4 in LE9.
    Surfing the web did not give an answer.

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    Re: GPO in Logic Express?

    Works like a charm, just like any other plugin. Unlike the standard Logic plugins, GPO4 can actually have 16 different instruments on the different MIDI channels, and they can switch between different articulations (patches) of the same instrument (e.g. switch from legato to pizzicato to staccato), although you can also create a single instance for each track. I'm happily ran some 40 instruments on my MacBook Pro without a hiccup. Any more specific questions? The June edition of Sound-on-sound magazine has a review of GPO4 (I posted the summary here).

    But, as noted in that thread, you don't get optimal performance straight-away. E.g. strings are not like a piano. They change their volume and timbre while playing a note. GPO makes it easy to add that change (using the mod wheel), but for a good sound you need to practice a bit. On the other hand, other libraries also require a lot of detailed editing, but sometimes make it more difficult.

    GPO is a very good start into orchestral samples, and even if you upgrade to some "big" library, you'll probably revert to GPO, either for its speed, or ease, or to get more flexibility. It's definitely worth the money.

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    Re: GPO in Logic Express?

    Thank you for the answer,
    I will obviously buy GPO4. I can not afford the big libraries and my music is probably not good enough to give me reason to invest a lot in instruments. Two questions:
    1) How big is the download? I did not find that information on Garritan's site. It is probably hidden somewhere.
    2) How good is the documentation? I will need a lot. My level of ignorance is such that I do not understand anything when I read, e.g., the manual for Independence Free. I don't want to overload this forum with questions when I start learning to use GPO.

    I now use Sibelius for scoring and try to finalize my work in Reaper. The reasons for looking at Logic Express are that 1) it has scoring and midi editing in the same environment and 2) midi editing seems to be very well implemented.
    It is a waste of time and a source for confusion when one has to move between scoring and midi editing using two environments.


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    Re: GPO in Logic Express?

    The download is somewhere between 1 and 2Gb; I can't tell exactly.

    The documentation is decent, but not perfect. However, you're going to have to experiment a little to find out to get the hang of it. And there are a lot of details, so it takes time. However, the same learning curve applies to all of these libraries. But don't worry about asking questions: the forum members here are very cooperative. "Once were noobs"...

    Midi editing is pretty good in Logic, and it can score too, but you won't get the perfection in scoring that you might know from Sibelius. One thing that annoys me, is that the notes in chords are not drawn individually. Although it is perfectly functional, it looks uglier than you could achieve in Sibelius. On the other hand, Logic has a wealth of options you can apply to the notes, while keeping the score clean.

    By the way, you could also consider Cubase. It runs on PCs and Macs alike, and has some nice scoring functions, and good MIDI editing, but I don't have any experience with a recent version, and the cheap versions might not have scoring.

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