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Topic: Callisto

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    Re: Callisto

    If a music/culture historian were looking for a representative musical work for current American classical composition, he might pick something like this piece- it seems to be drawing from all around the world and from many genres, but in a confused and directionless state... lol but that is not a 'bad' thing, it just 'is', artistically speaking, which is a good thing, letting your music just 'be', for it will most likely represent the culture one is in, if you see what I'm getting at... in other words, you start a piece not knowing where it is going, and what results might not be totally you as an individual, but you as a part of the culture; then, if you have a strong inclination for it, going back and creating structure, relations, and wrap-ups, which you've resisted in this piece, which is also not 'good' or 'bad', just an artistic decision...
    it is an exploratory piece, and it will work for the listeners who have not been there... which brings up 'depth', an important part of any journey- that is a hard thing to master, it is more a state of mind that comes through, an artistic need to create, and your piece here does have moments of good depth (and not just because of the reverb level, which can be one aspect or not)... it is more like what is 'going on' in the background... well, enough said... I'm running out of blab time... lol

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