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Topic: Sage Converter in Snow Leopard?

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    Sage Converter in Snow Leopard?

    Hi -

    Hoping that the Spectrasonics Powers-That-Be are tuning in today.

    I'm attempting to convert my personal library of Rex files that I've built up over the years into a series of files to be used from within Stylus RMX using the Sage Converter. I have the latest version + the latest REX Shared Library.

    I point the Converter towards a bunch (maximum of 60) files either drag and drop or through the dialog box, makes no difference, Sage Converter prompts me to create a new folder for the files, which i do, then . . nothing. No files converted, not even a folder created as far as i can tell.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    Using OSX 10.6.3

    Latest Stylus RMX, sage Converter REX Shared Library.

    Mac Pro First Gen 8-core

    Thanks, all!

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    Re: Sage Converter in Snow Leopard?

    You'll find FAQs about spectrasonics products at

    One of the FAQs is entitled "Import of REX files not working?" and it may cover your problem. If not, contact tech support and they'll help you out.

    - Glenn
    Glenn O

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    Re: Sage Converter in Snow Leopard?

    Hi Glenn,

    Indeed that FAQ did solve the problem - it appears that drag and drop requires the rex files to be inside a folder, and the folder dropped on the application. Once I did that, everything worked fine . .

    Thank you!


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